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Chocolate sundae in a mason jar made with Highland Park whisky


Whisky, chocolate and ice cream go together like… well, like whisky, chocolate and ice cream really! For the perfect pick-me-up and cool-me-down this summer, why not try out some new flavour (and texture) combinations? Perfect for celebrating World Chocolate Day on 7 July – and perfect for outdoor entertaining all summer long!

If you enjoy making your own ice cream that’s great, but if not… well, we’ve called this a ‘Lazy’ Summer Sundae for a good reason! Serve in traditional tall Sundae glasses or pop into mason jars for a stylish twist.

Salted Caramel, Chocolate & Ginger Fruit Sundae

For the whisky caramel sauce

100g butter

150g soft muscovado sugar

100ml double cream

10ml Highland Park 12 Year Old

1 pinch sea salt flakes

To serve

Best quality chocolate ice cream

A slab of rich, spiced fruitcake, broken into small knobbly pieces

Crystalised ginger pieces

Salted pistachio nuts (removed from shells)


1. To make the sauce, simply add the butter, sugar and double cream to a small saucepan. Melt together over a low heat, stirring continuously, until you have a thick, smooth mixture. Now add the whisky and sea salt to taste, and allow to thicken again.

2. Assemble your Sundae by layering scoops of chocolate ice cream and juicy chunks of fruitcake in your serving glass or jar. Drizzle over ribbons of warm caramel sauce so that it runs right down to the bottom and decorate with a sprinkling of crystalised ginger and pistachio nuts – and an extra pinch of sea salt flakes if you like (but don’t oversalt whatever you do!).

Add an unexpected twist or two…

Replace the fruitcake with Florentine biscuits for a similar flavour but added texture! Try swapping out the 12 Year Old in the sauce with 18 Year Old and add some sweet cherries to your Sundae, dusting the top with cocoa. Or why not use 15 Year Old in the salted caramel sauce, then add a layer of crushed pineapple to the ice cream and replace the fruitcake with chunks of Maderia cake? For a really unusual sweet and salty crunch, you could even fry some maple-cured bacon until crispy, then crumble it into a brittle and sprinkle over your Sundae – trust us, it’s unexpectedly delicious with chocolate and caramel!


July 07, 2022