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A Danish Classic


Known as smørrebrød – from smør meaning butter and brød meaning bread – the Danish open sandwich somehow manages to combine the comfort component of a traditional sandwich with the healthy score sheet of wholesome toppings. In other words, it’s the perfect food for January – filling and fresh, all at the same time.

We asked our own ‘Danish classic’, Senior Brand Ambassador Martin Markvardsen, to tell us more. As well as sharing his favourite topping, he pointed us in the direction of, which gives some great (and witty) advice on how to enjoy the perfect smørrebrød and provides a fascinating insight into the history of this foodie delight.

Although there’s really no end to the mix of toppings you can use for your smørrebrød, one thing that you can’t play fast and loose with is your bread base. In order to provide your open sandwich with a robust foundation to support your flavour creations, a dark Danish rye bread called rugbrød is ideal but check out your local deli for suitable alternatives. We’ll be introducing different topping suggestions on social media in the coming weeks, but as January is Veganuary for many, we thought we’d start off with a delicious vegan option…


Let’s go Veganuary

Top a slice of rye bread with vegan spread and pile on some cooled boiled potatoes, cut into good thick slices. Top with smoked vegan cheese, a couple of thinly sliced radishes and a tangle of watercress. Perfect enjoyed with a measure of 10 Year Old.

What will you be putting on top of your smørrebrød? Let us know by posting your pics on Instagram and tagging using #HighlandParkWhisky.



January 13, 2022