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Soren Distillery Aerial

Far away on the storm-beaten Orkney islands is a place where Viking Harmony comes together.


Historic buildings

Our distillery is perched atop high ground on the southern edge of Kirkwall, and stands watch over the town. As well as a collection of ancient stone buildings, we have 23 warehouses, and 2 pagoda-topped kilns. Technically, our warehouses number up to 25… it just appears two have gone missing. For over 220 years, our distillery has sat stoically through long winters, raging storms, and 100mph winds. It all makes for more harmonious whisky.


open Kiln

Our 2 kilns are fully functional and are used to dry out the hand-turned malted barley with hand-cut local peat from Hobbister Moor. When you make whisky for a living, your sense of scale and time is warped – in our eyes, our kilns are ‘new’. The youngest is just over 100 years old, and we have no intention of replacing either of them any time soon. If you want to make award-winning whisky, you have to appreciate that tradition defies convention.

The Stills

Soren copper stills

Our stillhouse contains 4 stills, 2 wash stills and 2 spirit stills, and a robust copper and brass spirit safe. They were made by Forsyth’s, a renowned still-maker in Speyside. Interestingly, unlike most stills, ours have windows so that we can see the boiling liquid inside. This just demonstrates the lengths that we will go to to create perfection: we even want to keep an eye on the spirit as it boils.

Our Viking Roots

Visit our distillery to meet the modern-day Viking descendants who make our whisky.

Our Orkney Home

Our island home has its own distinct culture, climate and geology. It makes us what we are – proud to stand apart.

Our Whisky