WIN! Classic Highland Park Notebook

March 30, 2017

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  1. Tommy Lennartsson says:

    A new notebook would be perfect. I just filled the last page in my latest book for tasting notes.

  2. Mats says:

    Sunny greetings from Thailand

  3. Anne says:

    I would love to win a notebook, as I am a food and drink writer and I am always making notes wherever I go and a huge lover of Orkney, I have friends there and did my dissertation on Orkney.

  4. Stefan Sällbom says:

    A notebook would be perfect for my Scotland trip in May.

  5. William Drummond says:

    I am off on a trip around Spain in the summer this would be a great aid to record all the great (and not so great!) experiences I am looking forward to and enhance the picture and video record of the trip – fingers crossed.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Micke nystrom says:

    À notebook Would be perfect for me .
    Just for sharing all lovely tastings in the future.
    Kind regards Micke

  7. Danny says:

    Remind me to buy a notebook to remind me that I’ve enetered the contest to win one of your lovely Highland Park notebooks ?

  8. Anders says:

    Would be nice to have this special notebook especially for all Highland Park tastings.

  9. Jim Reid says:

    I love Highland Park whisky but because I live in Canada I am unable to receive whisky through the post. I have a good collection of whiskies purchased through our provincial liquor stores but not all Highland Park whiskies are available.

  10. Johannes says:

    … Wood be like a “dream” to win such a nice “every day remember” on highland park … ?

  11. Corrina McCabe says:

    It would be lovely to go back to using pen and paper and move away from everything needing a computer.

  12. Matti Sortila says:

    Finnish/Swedish and Estonian ferries on the Baltic sea are selling “Einar”, but not the famous “black one”? Some marketing activities required!

  13. Joseph Muzzy says:

    I recently visited the Orkney Islands and having always been a fan of Highland Park whisky I had to tour the distillery. Sampling a range of whisky in such a beautiful distillery was something I will never forget. Along with touring the many historical places, especially the Viking sites covering the islands. A Highland Park notebook would be a fitting souvenir to write about such a wonderful journey.

  14. Brian Sørensen says:

    Would Love to Win a HP Notebook. Then i could use it for the upcomming tasting whit Martin in Hjørring ?

  15. Tomas Magnusson says:

    This would be a great book to have for notes and drink recipes with Highland Park.

    • Highland Park says:

      Do you experiment often with HP cocktails Tomas? What’s your favourite?

      • Tomas Magnusson says:

        I don’t experiment alot.
        But for winter days i really like a hot toddy.
        Highland Park 12 or Harald, Sven, Einar.
        Hot water with honey, fresh ginger and a cinnamon stick.
        Garnish with lemon zest.
        In the summer i like the Highland Park 15 because of the distinct taste of green apples.
        Try it with just ice and a neutral soda water. Or with a really good ginger beer and ice. But remember that this whisky deserves respect to shine, don’t use anything but the best ginger beer you can find.
        Now that I think about it, i really have to stock up with HP for this summer.

  16. Snoops says:

    This would be perfect for my scribblings !

  17. Hubert Smith says:

    A Classic Highland Park Notebook would be perfect. Having a spot to share tasting notes would certainly hit the spot!

  18. Tam says:

    This book is perfect for documenting my photography and travels
    As well as tasting notes

  19. SAN EYLEM DOGAN says:

    it’ s an amazin gift for a whisky lover 🙂

  20. Sascha Bochinski says:

    Travelling through scotland and also through Orkney mainland, I had so many wonderful Impression, which are worth to bring them on paper. Perhaps for my 2 year old son whom I Hope to make him also to a fan of your beautiful Country. What is better to use for that than a Notebook of my favourite desrillerie on the fantastic Orkney Islands, where I sat at yesnaby and watched the ocean thinking about what future could bring… well…I got More, than I exspected… my beloved wife my beloved Little son and lots of thoughts of my travels through scotland. I Hope I will come back again… with my family…

    • Highland Park says:

      What a great story Sascha. We hope too that your son turns into a Highland Park fan when he’s older. Will you come and visit us again?

      • Sascha Bochinski says:

        That’s my plan … the dram you destilled when I visited you First is coming into good age in the upcoming years.

  21. Christer says:

    Just started planning My 50year birthdaytrip to Scotland. There will be golf and whiskytasting around Scotland … This Book will be great for my traveling plans..

  22. Anders Walther says:

    It would be cool to have a not digital notebook for tasting notes

  23. Tobias Lettau says:

    It will be so wonderful to win it for my whisky bar. HP are my favorites

  24. Jim Baxter says:

    At my age it is good to take manual notes, it keeps the digits on my right hand supple, a bonus when keeping my Dram of “Highland Park” steady as a rock, before I drink the liquid Gold.

  25. Torgny Olsson says:

    My old notebook is singing on the last tune, !!

  26. Celia Klemenz says:

    This would be the perfect travel journal for when we return to Scotland next year! I always keep a travel journal as it is great to look back at our photos and read along about what we did and where we went. ‘Oh yeah, that was great’ or ‘I forgot about that, that was fun, wasn’t it?’ Is what we often say. A Highland Park journal would be an absolutely perfect journal to bring along to include not only our vacation but also our whisky notes for all the single malts we enjoy during our travels. Certainly hope to win one of the three offered!

  27. Larry Goldin says:

    Planning to visit Europe this summer. Want to make Scotland my first stop! Would love a notebook to use as a journal of my travels.

  28. Jonathan Tait says:

    A great way to record tasting notes!

  29. Mike Lisac says:

    A new, proper, notebook to keep my whisky notes. Perfect.

  30. AJB says:

    I would like a notebook to record adventures with my 3 year old grandson, Kyle, so that in the future he can look back and remember these times when I am long gone.

  31. Stefan van Kleef says:

    After a long time bath health and operations a new time of life is born, and i hope to start travel again and visit Scotland , and use the new notice book

  32. Wildcamper says:

    Visiting Kirkwall in June this year – looking forward to tasting the malt

  33. Mick Burley says:

    Will come in handy for recording my fishing trips, when I always carry a hip flask or two

  34. Mark says:

    Love a great note book for business meetings and all happy hours .

  35. Steven craig says:

    Heading up North in the summer I have several distilleries I wish to visit on my tour this book would be ideal to note my tastings and also advertise one of the best whisky’s Scotland has to offer

  36. John Atkinson says:

    The notebook would be perfect to use as a journal of my trip along the Caledonian canal later this year and for taking notes during my visits to the local distilleries.

  37. John Juhl says:

    I would love to win … but in case I don’t 🙁 are they for sale at your gift shop? We have a VIP tour/tasting booked late September 🙂

    I have a Sigurd in my cabinet, named after my Dad I’m sure, buying an Einar next week, after my Uncle … And I also lived a few years under King Christian (not the first) … not sure I can afford the Royalty.

    Have a great day
    John J.

    • Highland Park says:

      yes, they are available in the distillery shop if you were unsuccessful John. Looking forward to welcoming you to our Island.

  38. claire says:

    As a stationery and whisky fan, having one of these notebooks would be ideal ? could really do with a Whisky notes book, esp for Weekender in London soon. Have a good one HP x

  39. Justin says:

    I live in South Africa and whenever friends and relatives from Scotland come to visit, I ask them to bring me a bottle of Highland Park. They always oblige and I’m always grateful. I’m not very good at collecting whisky because I tend to drink it with friends and family instead. I have visited Scotland twice but my dream is t visit Orkney. One day…

  40. Glen says:

    This would be grand for my Magnus Eunson tour next Friday!
    Can’t wait!!!

  41. David Harkins says:

    It would be great if I win so I could keep a note of everything the wife asks me to do

  42. Kkatrina Mainland says:

    Simple really, as an Orcadian I love my HP, and a note book would make proud as punch….

  43. Russell Steven says:

    Lov to win,going to do a tasting with some close friends soon be nice to put the notes in

  44. Karsten says:

    Hello from Germany,
    I love this book from the first view. I would like to put my notes of my next Scotland trip (June 2017) with a lot of Distilleries visits.
    Greetings from Germany! Sláinte!

  45. Mikael Landin says:

    Would be Great to win this notebook, then i can have on my trip to Scotland and visit to The Highland Park distillery.

  46. Dario Grabaric says:

    Nice prize, at least for all of us taking whisky notes. I’m always carring one with myself and over the years they piled up quite nicely.

  47. jesper bengtsson says:

    Helt perfekt til mine notater i whisky klubben og til smagninger

  48. Scott says:

    Just about to start my touring shark exhibition planning and will be downing a good few HP’s along the way so the note book would be a fitting start…..

  49. Frank says:

    Nice notebook for an it-consultant, like me!

  50. Maxim says:

    Oh, you need to. My always favorite whiskey. I always use diaries.

  51. Nico Emmerich says:

    Good evening.
    A notebook of my favorite distillery would be a nice present for me.
    So I can write down my impression next year on my first scottland-trip.

    Best regards
    Nico Emmerich

  52. Martin says:

    A fabulous notebook to win. I can imagine all the peoples’ envy when I drop this occasionally on the table at the beginning of a meeting.

  53. Juan says:

    Its been a while since we talked with some friends about a crazy idea…
    We live in Scotland, and we are all from different parts of the world. Since we all moved here, we have discovered whisky in all its range of flavours. Thats why, we have decided to start a “tour” around the country to create what we call “a map of whisky flavours in Scotland”.

    Most people would say that its already been done, and it refers to the areas of production of the malt, but we added a little twist to that. Our map is not of the malts and whiskies, but a map of the whiskies we want to drink in iconic whisky bars around the country.

    We live in Dundee and we already started having a wee dram of a good HP18YO,at our local traditional bar Speedwell. We hope to go to Bon accord in Glasgow, the Mash Tun in Aberlour, CASC in Aberdeen and perhaps Curly Coo in Stirling, to start. However, it would be great for us to finish our tour in Orkney, tasting a good HP!

    The notebook would be ideal for taking some notes and sketches that could be used for our “map” and perhaps for not writing descriptions of our trips and experiences.

  54. Piotr says:

    That would be great to win highland notebook. It will be perfect to wright down how many Highland Parks i sell :p

  55. Chris says:

    In my Optionen the best whisky on Earth!

    I love the 18 years old highland Park!

    It would be an honour running around with this notebook and writing notice in it during business meetings in Germany!

  56. Walter Evans says:

    Perfect little book to take notes of whilst im in Orkney taking photographs of the stunning sea/landscapes and of course the distillery

  57. Joost says:

    A notebook would be better of use for showing people what my favorite distillery is, rather then walking around with a bottle of Einar or Dark Origins…

  58. Peter Čubík says:

    Good afternoon,
    notebook is beatuful, It would be great if I win because the first by Gerry Tosh is full of remarks. I send greetings to Orkney

  59. ilia ivanov says:

    The Notebook looks awesome!I would be so happy to write my cocktail recepies in such notebook!

  60. Denis Kondratyev says:

    I visited Highland Park distillery at 2011 with my friends. It was great journey! Nice to remember it now with the notebook 😉

  61. Pierre Carlzon says:

    En snygg bok att anteckna i skriver jag inte upp det kommer jag inte ihåg det:)
    En god whiskey ska ha en snygg bok.Tack för besöket i Halmstad (SWE).
    Välkommen åter.

  62. Reinhard says:

    Herzliche Grüße aus Österreich. Ein Notebook meiner Lieblingsdestillerie wäre das vorweggenomme Highlight meiner heurigen Schottlandreise.

  63. Kirsten Vejerslev Mikkelsen says:

    I would love to win your beautiful notebook as I have lost my short term memory due to work- related stress. Therefore my life on small “post it notes”. It would be good with a wee book to write down the good things happening, when life is tough. Like when I went across the Danish-German border early this morning on my bike in order to get the new Highland Park Calle. 27 kilometers on a cold, windy yet wonderful spring morning in the marshland.

  64. Sven says:

    always did my whisky tasting notes on iphone or ipad, but the more i do it this way the more it feels wrong, while being very handy (always have the phone with me, data is synced to all my devices etc.) it just is too technical for something that involves so many senses. an analog notebook, used in conjunction with an ink pen (that you don’t have to pair, charge, …) would be the tasting notes tool with style, especially if it has such a nice cover!

  65. Holger Kurth says:

    A note book To remember my next trip to Scotland.

  66. Slijterij Wijnhandel W van Schaik says:

    Like to sell your brand. Even more with a nice looking Notebook.

  67. Brenda Salamone says:

    A lovely wee book to jot down ideas for my Wine, Whisky, and Writing blog! And to plan my escape from HelL.A. to Orkney!!

  68. Arman says:

    In this notebook I want to record my minutes of life

  69. Kevin Verelst says:

    Aah a very nice notebook for all my tasting notes of every HP i already drunk. As well i can write all the nice impressions of the next Orkney trip and distillery tour.
    It would be a nice present to get from my favourite distillery.

  70. Ismail Duman says:

    Good luck for me.

  71. Jani says:

    Pairing whisky and cigars is very challenging without a notebook – especially when one should pair more than 1+1 / evening 😀

  72. Martin Ahlquist says:

    A notebook like this would not only be an honour to have, it is also beautiful and I actually love to use a penn or pencil when taking notes. I’ve just become lazy and use my cell…
    I would love to have the best reason to “go back”…, and a perfect place to keep my notes for my blog (MartinsMaltsk) when doing interviews and/or taste notes.

  73. Isabela Aptewicz says:

    This Notebook would be a perfect for writing my story as a Viking in Harald Finehair
    Village …I am an extra in Vikings TV series ….my dream has come come true. I have all these stories in my hart and this is a right time to put them on to the paper.

  74. Chris Higgins says:

    I love writing and i love Highland Park whats not to like about having a beautiful Highland Park note book!

  75. Massimo says:

    How many competitors!
    If I win, I’ll celebrate with a dram of Highland Park.
    Otherwise, …I will take comfort in a dram of Highland Park.

  76. Colin C says:

    A smart and sophisticated notebook, to go with a smart and sophisticated tipple. Highland Park has been my whisky of choice since I was first introduced to it by my father more than 20 years ago.

  77. Bob says:

    Hello, to 1&ALL.

    THIS1 would be “PERFECT” (!!!).

    “Thanks” !

  78. Rich Tyler says:

    I’d love this, count me in!


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