Viking Soul: Marie Stanton, Distillery Manager

Viking Soul: Marie Stanton, Distillery Manager

Viking Soul: Marie Stanton, Distillery Manager

Continuing our introduction of some of the people behind our whisky whose passion and skill ensures that they – and our whisky – stand apart. People that we believe truly have Viking soul, we introduce our distillery manager, Marie.


Marie has been our distillery manager for a little over a year now and is in charge of the key processes in making our whisky; right through from cutting our own peat for the maltings, the floor maltings itself, the mashing, fermentation and distillation processes to finally the casks in our 23 warehouses.


Marie has fully embraced life on Orkney and loves it, from the weather, the islands, the seals to the fact she has a palm tree in her garden, although she admits it might not be for everyone! It’s no wonder that the BBC continues to name Orkney as the best place to live in Scotland, and second best in the UK, for quality of life, if everyone on the island loves it as much as Marie.


When she isn’t working at the distillery, or spending time enjoying Orkney with her family, Marie has another way she likes to pass the time – playing musical instruments. Having played the violin since the age of 6, Marie spent much of her childhood playing in little groups at the Irish Club in Doncaster, much to her embarrassment but her Dads’ delight.

The violin she still plays today is actually her Aunty Mary’s. But it’s not only the violin that Marie enjoys, she also plays the recorder, the flute and the viola, which she took up in High school and continued playing right through university for an amateur orchestra in Edinburgh. She even used to play the organ for St Paul’s church. Between work and family, Marie doesn’t get to play quite as often as she would like these days but when she can, she plays at home for herself. Not content with 5 musical instruments, getting her piano tuned is next on her to do list!

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Photo Credit: Soren Solkaer

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