April 10, 2017

Over the next few months we will introduce you to people whose passion and skills ensure that they – like our whisky – stand apart. People who we believe have Viking Soul.

We are starting with the people behind our whisky, with photographer Soren Solkaer during his week long exploration of the island and the people who live here, we discovered hidden talent among the staff at the distillery, and we are sharing their stories with you first.


Keith has been working for Highland Park for over 27 years. Originally trained as an Electrical Engineer, he is now Head of Warehouse. His day-to-day job at the distillery involves organising fillings and wood supply, cask movements off the Island (he’s currently responsible for approximately 43,000 casks on the island), organising manpower and providing support to his team.

Outside the distillery

Viking Soul Keith Moar Profile

Image by Soren Solkaer

Keith spends part of his spare time in Orkney at the local coastal rowing club which he helped set up along with a few friends. They now have 40-60 members of all ages and their time is spent teaching anyone who has a keen interest to learn whilst others who are more competitive can train for competitions. This year the club will be attending two regattas on the Mainland and one in Shetland.


Keith has been training in JKA Shotokan Karate for 30 years on and off. He is a 2nd DAN Black Belt and when he is not rowing he is training budding karate champions.

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Photo Credit: Soren Solkaer

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