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Feast your eyes on our 12 Year Old single malt. When smashed orange meets burnt honey meets winter spices A Wild Harmony is made.

How we experience flavour is influenced by all of our five senses - sight, sound, smell and touch as well as taste. And, as the saying goes, we eat with our eyes first. In other words, what we see is not only the first piece of information we have, it can influence our perception of what we are about to taste before it’s even passed our lips.

A whisky as complex, yet as harmoniously balanced as Highland Park, deserves to be experienced fully. Forget what you think you know about describing whisky. We’re ripping up the rule book to celebrate mouth-watering moments using vivid language and dynamic animation. Introducing our Flavourscape sensory experience.  


Indulge your senses with our 18 Year Old single malt. When charred cherries meets molten cocoa meets salted smoke A Wild Harmony is made.

This is the world of whisky as you’ve never seen it, or heard it, before. We told you it would be mouth-watering. Try our whisky for yourself and tell us how you’d describe it on social media #HighlandParkWhisky.



Explore the depth, character and complex balance of our award-winning whiskies and experience a wild harmony of flavours in every one.

October 21, 2021