Highland Park Valkyrie: A New Legend is Born

Highland Park Valkyrie: A New Legend is Born

Highland Park Valkyrie: A New Legend is Born

Highland Park Single Malt is proud to introduce to you, Valkyrie – the first of three special edition whiskies to be released from the new Viking Legend series.


This latest release celebrates the rich Nordic ancestry on Orkney, our island home. Once part of a vast Viking kingdom, the mythology of our ancient past was woven into our character and culture for hundreds of years, long before Highland Park was founded in 1798.


The legend of the Valkyries, as depicted by not only the whisky but by two detailed illustrations featured on the bottle, tells of female spirits who would descend like avenging angels on horseback to comb the battlefields for the bravest of the fallen warriors – those marked out by their Valknut tattoo as heroes fit to enter Valhalla, the all of the great Norse god, Odin.


The packaging for this latest expression was created in collaboration with Jim Lyngvild, renowned Danish designer and modern day Viking. Jim ‘the golden Viking’, as he’s often described, was commissioned to re-imagine the Highland Park look for The Viking Legend series, based not only on his impressive design experience but also his extremely impressive Nordic roots. His 36th great grandfather was Ragnvald Eysteinsson, the first Earl of the Orkney Islands, and one of his ancestors fought side by side with Viking King Cnut the Great.


The whisky itself is as bold as the saga of the Valkyrie. The pale sunset hue gives way to an intense warmth, fiery and deep. A dramatic opening with the sharp tang of sweet green apples and ripening lemons gives way to bewitching oriental spices that tease the senses with the promise of a long slow seduction.


Highland Park Valkyrie is limited to just 250,000 bottles which will be sold worldwide. It will launch in April 2017 and will roll out internationally during the following months. Highland Park Valkyrie has been bottled at 45.9% abv.


Highland Park Valkyrie will be available from specialist independent retailers in over 40 markets, and at the HP distillery.

Highland Park Whisky, The Orkney Single Malt with #Vikingsoul


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