Seeing The Wood For The Trees

Seeing The Wood For The Trees

Seeing The Wood For The Trees


John Galvin is an award-winning master craftsman and designer based in Glasgow, who creates timeless pieces for a wide range of clients. His love of building, sculpture and furniture design began at a very young age and his greatest inspiration comes from the natural world.


When John was asked to create the presentation box for Highland Park 50 Year Old, he chose a premium solid oak – returning the whisky, which had matured for so many years in sherry seasoned oak casks, to its natural home.


Inspired by the simplicity of mid-20th century Scandinavian design, John sought a solution that would balance this pared-back design style with the bold yet graceful Urnes carvings of the 11th century. His starting point was both practical and aesthetic – securing and displaying the bottle, the decanter and a commemorative book in a secure, balanced and visually pleasing manner.


For John, simplicity is key and he firmly believes that quality craftsmanship can never become outdated – as true, perhaps, of whisky making as it is of furniture making. Blending the old with the new in the presentation case for Highland Park 50 Year Old represents the pinnacle of artistic functionality and a genuine union between maker, object and owner.


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