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ABV : 51.4%

Volume : 700ml

Nothing exceptional is ever accidental. This is because the whole can only be as good as the sum of its parts. At Highland Park, we understand that if one thing matters, then everything matters. Which is why we, for over 220 hundred years have adhered to our 5 keystones of production.

Every year, starting in April, we venture 7 miles from the distillery to Hobbister Moor to cut our peat, which we still do wherever possible by hand, as we always have. When we burn our heather-rich peat in our ancient kilns to dry our malted barley, it imparts the intense aromatic peat smoke that is so distinctive to Highland Park whiskies.

A special edition of 1,200 bottles at ABV 51.4%, Hobbister, is a homage to our demanding yet timeless methods of creation and was first released in 2016. It delivers ripe vanilla, citrus fruits balanced with ginger root, and our iconic smoky peat.


Deep Amber


Warm vanilla | Citrus zest | Fiery ginger | Aromatic smoky peat

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