Our Warriors, The Warrior Series

Our Warriors, The Warrior Series

The Highland Park Warriors Series, exclusive to global travel retail, is a range of single malt whiskies showcasing the very best of Highland Park’s ‘intensely balanced’ classic character.


The creation of a range of eight whiskies, driven collectively by their flavour, takes you not only on a taste journey but also brings to life our brand positioning ‘The Orkney Single Malt with Viking Soul’.


Why Orkney Single Malt with Viking Soul?

Orkney’s history is inextricably linked with the Vikings; in fact many Orcadians are direct descendants from the Norse people. Orkney was part of a Scandinavian kingdom until the islands were pawned to the Scottish Crown by Christian I of Denmark as a dowry for his daughter’s marriage to James III of Scotland in 1468.  Highland Park has been part of Orkney’s rich heritage since 1798 and as such it too has links to Norse history.



The characters and their stories

Mesmerising strong characters famed in history for their warrior skills and legends:



40% vol – 1L

Svein was the ultimate Viking chieftain whose exploits lie at the heart of the Orkneyinga Saga and his appetite for adventure and merriment are legendary.

Svein is made using American oak sherry casks. Highland Park Svein is bright and gold in appearance. Pineapple and orange aromas come to the fore. The American oak delivers crème brûlée flavours with a lingering smoke. The combination of gentle peat smoke and sherry seasoned casks offer a peppery and sweet finish.




40% vol – 1L

Einar was the joint Earl of Orkney from 1014. A hard and successful Viking, often venturing on many long voyages, he was relentless in his rule and clearly identifiable by his mighty axe.

Einar has a rich and golden appearance. This richer colour comes from the addition of European oak sherry casks. Aromas of dried orange peel unfold in the glass. Dried peel and vanilla pods follow through to the palate; gentle smoke, lingers on the finish.





Ingvar Ragnarson, was a warrior King, known for his exceptional cruelty, strength and skill with many weapons. After successfully conquering Dublin in Ireland, he formed the Great Heathen Army which rampaged through Northern England, beheading the King of that region in the process. Ingvar’s army moved quickly using a variety of weapons including the long spear, which although not as glamorous as the sword or as frightening looking as a battle axe, was deadly on the battlefield and in close combat.

The flavour profile of Ingvar sits in the middle of the Warrior Series – soft vanilla, citrus zest flavours wrestle with a tingling smoky finish. Natural in colour – clear and bright, it is a cask strength special edition exclusive to Taiwan Travel Retail.




40% vol – 70cl

Harald was an incredibly important character in the founding of the Orkney earldom, as well as having a major role in the development of Viking history. King of Norway, Harald was famed for his army, which was revered across the world.

Harald is a whisky of perfect balance. The combination of American oak and European oak matured whiskies creates a complex and balanced spirit. Ginger and sandalwood aromas are complimented by sweet sponge and nutmeg flavours.




43% vol – 70cl

Sigurd was one of the most feared Viking warriors considered to be strong, courageous and in possession of a warriors instinct as razor sharp as the sword he carried by his side.

Autumnal gold in colour with fragrant smoke and charred pineapple on the nose; this whisky is big and bold. Layers of flavour uncover lemon peel, cinnamon and lavender.




44.6% vol – 70cl

Ragnvald arguably the most famous and pioneering of all Vikings to enter uncharted waters, he was most at home aboard his longship undertaking his many great expeditions throughout the Middle East and even Asia.

Our sherry seasoned casks are the finest casks available. The European oak sherry casks offer the richest, most succulent flavours. Ragnvald has been made to highlight the best of the European oak sherry casks. Dark chocolate, candied peel and night scented stock deliver a formidable aroma. Smoke lingers behind grated nutmeg and high cocoa content chocolate.




45.1% vol – 70cl

Thorfinn was a man of much power and influence, who at one stage controlled the whole of the Orkney Islands. The Orkneyinga Saga described him as a great chief, the tallest and strongest of men whose remains are buried in St Magnus Cathedral on Orkney.

The dark russet appearance sets the tone for this deep and complex whisky. Spicy smokiness arrives at the fore and is followed by an array of flavours. Ginger, dried fruits and lingering spice are a result of the scarce and valuable European oak sherry seasoned casks.




LIMITED TO 300 BOTTLES, 46.8% vol – 70cl

This Highland Park bottling celebrates King Christian I of Denmark and his important role in the Orkney Islands becoming part of Scotland in 1468. He was a clever and cosmopolitan sovereign who managed to unite Denmark, Norway and Sweden, a region that at the time, included the Orkney Islands where our world renowned distillery has been based since 1798.

The whisky itself marries together honey sweetness with tropical notes and spice with a finish encased in soft smokiness, showing the diversity of its influences, without ever losing sight of our classic Highland Park style.



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The Orkney Single Malt
with Viking Soul