More Than One Way to Enjoy Chocolate This Easter

April 14, 2017

Whether you are a fan of shiny, foil-wrapped chocolate eggs or not, one thing we are confident of is that Easter can offer something for everyone.

Easter Jeffrey Street Highland Park Whisky Chocolate

At Highland Park, if we know anything about chocolate (or whisky), we know it can be enjoyed in many guises and many ways.

You may remember a few months back, we spoke to whisky enthusiast Daniel Santiago, Owner of Jeffrey Street Whisky & Tobacco in Edinburgh, to tell us what he knows about pairing Whisky with Chocolate; and he kindly shared with us his thoughts on chocolate to pair with our Highland Park Dark Origins, and Highland Park 12 Year Old.


Highland Park Whisky and Chocolate


Dark Origins and Chocolate

Highland Park Dark Origins has wonderful notes of chestnut, heather honey and dried fruits on the nose. On the palate it shows plenty of sweet-leather tones, star anise, cinnamon, light smoke and liquorice. There is a bit of minerality at the back of the palate, more dried fruits (i.e. raisins, dried prunes) and there is a slight smoky hint.

We focused on the sweet notes of the whisky and discovered that the slight acidity present in the Madagascar (70% cocoa) chocolate bar paired beautifully. Combined, we got a palate with caramelised orange flavours, ripe cherries, tropical yellow fruits and undertones of orange and chocolate gateaux. The slight minerality in the whisky added to the complexity of the flavours and the heather honey note became more obvious.


Highland Park 12 Year Old and Chocolate

The Highland Park 12 Year Old, on the nose, has the classic heather note that we all love in Highland Park. There’s also an aroma reminiscent of sea breeze orange essence and dried grass. On the palate, there is more sweet orange, burnt hay notes, raisins and the characteristic heather honey sweetness. What better chocolate to pair it with than the Mexico single origin bar! The chocolate has less cocoa, the Highland Park 12 Year Old is 40% ABV, lower than Dark Origins, and taken into account when pairing them both.

On the palate, we noticed that the spicy notes in the whisky were more present and appeared with elegance. The sweetness became delicate and very subtle. A creamy mouthfeel let the smoky undertones and the winter spice flavours shine.



For more of Daniel’s tips on what makes a good pairing, read our interview with him here.

Highland Park Whisky, The Orkney Single Malt with #VikingSoul


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