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Introducing a joint venture between the Highland Park US team in San Francisco and Modern Luxury, with acclaimed restauranteurs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Six talented chefs create extraordinary dishes inspired by the wild harmony of flavours found in our whisky.

Using only the finest and freshest local ingredients, each chef has developed a dish in their signature style, reflecting and elevating their ability to make surprising, often contradictory, combinations of flavour work together in exquisite pairings that reach a culinary ‘harmonious crescendo’.

Ryan Cerizo, Executive Chef, The Vault Steakhouse, image credit Hardy Wilson.jpg


Ryan Cerizo, Executive Chef

The Vault Steakhouse and The Vault Garden, San Franscisco @thevaultsteakhouse

“It’s using the best and making the best while keeping the heritage and brand in mind.”

Ryan’s signature style is to put his own unique spin on classic dishes, in other words, to create a re-interpretation of a really good thing. His twist on Steak Au Poivre – replacing Cognac with 12 Year Old Highland Park to “elevate the sauce to another level” – exemplifies this. Picking up on the whisky’s notes of dried fruit and winter spices, he serves his dish with a measure of 12 Year Old alongside too, enjoying the way that our whisky “cuts through the richness of the meat and sauce”.

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Abel Padilla, Head Chef, Hog Island Oyster Co, image credit Christophe Testi.jpg


Abel Padilla, Head Chef

Hog Island Oyster Co, San Francisco @hogislandoysterco

“The terroir of a coastal Scotch and the merroir of an oyster is sympatico.”

Central to Abel’s cuisine is a celebration of the diversity of the Bay Area; his greatest influence the people who farm and produce the food he serves. Pairing the restaurant’s signature oyster and seafood dishes with Highland Park is both an unexpected combination and a sensory delight. The whisky’s malty, salty and smoky notes balance the brininess of the oysters and cut through their rich creaminess, while the sherry seasoned influence of our casks perfectly complements of the fruity qualities of West Coast oysters.

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Francis Ang, Chef and Proprietor, Abaca, image credit Hardy Wilson.jpg


Francis Ang, Chef and Proprietor

Restaurant Abacá, San Francisco @restaurantabaca

“With Highland Park and the Philippines both surrounded by seas and oceans, I believe their geographic location makes the flavours both salty and hearty, creating products full of unami and flavour.”

The diverse culinary culture in San Francisco and Silicon Valley is the perfect backdrop for Francis’ traditional Filipino cuisine, which has a modern, fine-dining twist. Always seeking a ‘Eureka moment’ – whether it’s a classic or totally unexpected flavour combination – he found one in his Sisig Fried Rice recipe, using heritage breed pork and a whisky reduction glaze for the wok-fried rice, which picks up on our 12 Year Old’s notes of citrus, warm spice and smoke.

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Jeffrey Stout, Chef and Managing Partner, BSteakA, image credit Christophe Testi.jpg


Jeffrey Stout, Chef and Managing Partner

Be.Steak.A, Silicon Valley @be.steak.a

“I love the delicate smoke and subtle sweetness that Highland Park brings to the party.”

Jeffrey is a chef who enjoys finding harmony in focused, clutter-free cooking that allows fresh local ingredients to take centre stage. He describes a pairing of Highland Park with his restaurant’s signature egg yolk ravioli as a “match made in heaven” where the whisky’s smoky notes are elevated by the charred leek ash and smoked corn meringue in his dish.

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Paul Nuño, Executive Chef, SP2, image credit Hardy Wilson


Paul Nuño, Executive Chef

SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant, Silicon Valley @_sp2_

“Highland Park whisky and the smokiness from the prawns is a match made in heaven.”

Of his restaurant SP2, Paul says “the vibe, the food and the drinks are a harmony waiting to be experienced”. His belief that harmony is often achieved when unexpected ingredients are combined is exemplified in his Gulf Prawns dish. The prawns have been lightly smoked over almond wood and marinated in a combination of harissa and Highland Park.

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Robert De La Mora, Chef de Cuisine, Shepherd & Sims, image credit Hardy Wilson


Robert De La Mora, Chef de Cuisine

Shepherd and Sims, Silicon Valley @shepherdsimslg

“Acidity from the mojo, along with the smoke and char from the octopus, harmonise with Highland Park exceptionally well.”

Exploring different cuisines and experiences is fundamental to Robert’s approach, and he loves to push the boundaries of hospitality and cuisine. Working with 18 Year Old, he enjoyed the way that the whisky’s floral and fruit notes transitioned to light smoke and mild spice. He paired it with Spanish octopus, poached in olive oil and seared to provide a balance of crisp and tender texture, served with mojo verde (a tangy, herby Spanish sauce), avocado, fried marbled potatoes, cilantro relish and smoked paprika oil.

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March 09, 2022