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Keeping Our Coastline Clean!

Highland Park & SCRAPBook: Keeping Our Orkney Coastline Clean


Thanks to support from Highland Park, Orkney is set to become the first Scottish island to be photographed from the air in a project that will help local communities tackle the global problem of coastal litter.

Scottish Coastal Rubbish Aerial Photography (SCRAPbook) uses aerial photography taken from a light aircraft to capture images of debris along our coastline. The images are then classified by volunteer citizen scientists and put onto an online map to identify litter hot spots. This will help direct community and volunteer efforts to take targeted clean-up action.

Launched in 2018, SCRAPbook is an initiative led by two charities, the Moray Firth Partnership and Sky Watch UK Civil Air Patrol. Following the success of their work around the Scottish mainland in 2018, SCRAPbook invited people and businesses in the Scottish islands to support their work and we were delighted to respond.

At the heart of the SCRAPbook approach is the engagement of local communities in coastal clean-ups. Using the interactive map to focus on the worst affected areas, as well as remote and inaccessible places where debris can accumulate unseen, allows local people to come together and share responsibility for protecting their environment. We’re looking forward to playing an active part in that process, here in Orkney. 


April 11, 2019