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Product photography of the Highland Park 50 Year old 2020 release Whisky. Product is shown in an open wooden box from the front, with the bottle on the right hand side, and decanter on the left. Both are finished in gold with Viking-style ornate patterns


Whisky-making is never a hurried affair at Highland Park and bringing a whisky aged for fifty long years from cask to bottle is all about time, patience, experience and skill.

Only the third edition of a whisky of this exceptional age, quality and rarity in our distillery’s 223-year history, the 2020 edition of Highland Park 50 Year Old will be released globally later this spring. Just 274 bottles have been crafted from casks originally laid down in 1968. Each bottle is hand-signed by Master Whisky Maker, Gordon Motion, and the exceptional whisky presents a legacy within a legacy.

Crafted using the traditional ‘solera’ method - which involves taking a small quantity of whisky produced from a previous batch and marrying it together with the ‘new’ whisky, this allows Gordon to capture and maintain the core DNA of Highland Park’s oldest whisky from release to release.


March 25, 2021