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Aged to perfection

Highland Park 40 Year Old Spring 2019 Release


Aging whisky well is a fine art and Orkney’s temperate climate, combined with our insistence on only the finest quality casks, means that even our most mature whiskies will carry that distinctive Highland Park hallmark of intense balance.

We now have a limited number of our 25 Year Old, 30 Year Old and 40 Year Old Spring 2019 Releases available for purchase, directly from our online shop. These releases exemplify the expertise of Gordon Motion, our Master Whisky Maker, and the influence of cask and climate on the character of our whisky. Casks left to mature for extended periods, in this case 25, 30, 40 years and longer, are understandably rare so each release has been created from a very small reserve. From cask to cask, the whisky will show natural variations in colour and flavour – and working with such a small selections plays to all of Gordon’s creativity and skill as he brings together only those which will marry well together and create our signature flavour profiles.

Highland Park 25 Year Old Spring 2019 Release


25 Year Old Spring 2019 Release

£495.00 | 46% ABV

This remarkably complex whisky with its rich smoky sweetness was created from fewer than 20 casks – a combination of sherry seasoned European oak, ex-bourbon and refill – skillfully married together by Gordon. Mature and full-bodied, flavours of rich vanilla and honey fudge are driven by the ex-bourbon casks while a suggestion of sweet dried fruit is driven by the sherry seasoned casks. The introduction of refill casks adds a gentle harmony, rounded off by smouldering Orkney peat and a hint of salty sea spray.


Highland Park 30 Year Old Spring 2019 Release


30 Year Old Spring 2019 Release

£1,000.00 | 45.2% ABV

The result of an intriguing combination of up to 20 ex-bourbon American oak hogsheads, first-fill sherry seasoned European oak hogsheads and a small quantity of refill hogsheads. Naturally golden in colour with hints of glowing amber, this is a whisky that’s full-bodied, rich and elegant. Layers of sweet vanilla, floral honey and soft caramel are balanced by sharper citrus notes with hints of bitter dark chocolate and warm spices in the background and, of course, a wave of aromatic peat smoke driven by Orkney’s unique heathery peat.


Highland Park 40 Year Old Spring 2019 Release


40 Year Old Spring 2019 Release

£3,600.00 | 43.2% ABV

Five refill casks, laid down before 1979, were brought together in 2008 and re-filled into two first-fill sherry seasoned casks – a European oak butt and an American oak hogshead – and matured for a further ten years. The result is a rich, beautifully balanced whisky – deep and aromatic with a sophisticated sweetness. Naturally coppery in colour with distinctive amber hues, notes of soft berry fruits and dark chocolate combine harmoniously with silky vanilla tones, sun-dried orange zest and a warming hint of freshly grated nutmeg. Fully rounded, a long, lingering finish is suffused with aromatic peat smoke.



November 19, 2020