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A Landscape of Contrasts


During March and April, we’ll be featuring the work of local photographer, Graham Campbell (check out our February 2021 feature on him), in the gallery space at our Kirkwall Store. Born and brought up in Orkney, Graham loves hiking around our coastlines and outer islands, expertly photographing the interplay of weather on island landscapes and seascapes.

Along with a sneak preview of some of Graham’s magical images, we thought you’d like to see the remarkable work of two other photographers too – look out for more of their shots on our social media platforms during March. Our favourite shots beautifully capture that raw, untamed beauty of the Orkney Islands, and reflect the extreme contrasts between the tranquil and the tempestuous, the peaceful and the perilous, that we experience here every day.



Ancient standing stones are quietly etched against a brooding sky of gathering storm clouds in this powerful image by @scottvsphoto.

Graham Campbell


From serene waters to colossal crashing waves the ever-shifting relationship between Orkney’s sky, sea and land is a constant source of inspiration for local photographer @grahamcampbellphotography.

AlisonIsland Instagram


The surface of the sea may appear calm, but the watery world below is teeming with weird and wonderful creatures, brilliantly captured here by @alisonisland.



March 09, 2022