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A Brand New Coming of Age

Highland Park 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky


After 21 years of maturation in our island warehouses, our new 21 YEAR OLD displays the fine maturity of character that befits a whisky of this age. It delivers perfectly harmonised flavours of spice and fruit on a wave of aromatic peat smoke, the hallmark of Orkney’s unique heathery peat.

Gordon created the 21 YEAR OLD: AUGUST 2019 RELEASE using six first-fill sherry seasoned European oak casks, four first-fill sherry seasoned American oak casks and five refill casks. Focusing on delivering balance through perfectly harmonised flavours, he brought together almost identical quantities of different cask types, each matured in our island warehouses for a minimum of 21 years, allowing the rich flavours of the first-fill casks to come vibrantly to the fore. Introducing refill casks balances the oak influence of the first-fill casks while bottling the whisky at its marrying strength of 46% delivers a rich and deep finish.

Each of our higher aged whiskies are bottled in small batches as casks reach their peak and while the overall character of each whisky will remain the same, the flavour profile will change slightly from batch to batch as different casks will be used.

Naturally deep gold in colour, the 21 YEAR OLD: AUGUST 2019 RELEASE is exceptionally well balanced. Notes of freshly grated nutmeg, fiery root ginger and sun-ripened orange peel are perfectly balanced by ripe mango, sweet pear and a rich vein of creamy vanilla. Fully rounded and elegantly smooth, this whisky lingers on the palate with a subtle breath of aromatic peat smoke at the finish. Retailing at a UK price of £230.00 for a 700ml bottle, it’s available to buy now from our online shop.


October 03, 2019