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Orcadian Vintage Series 1971

ABV : 46.9%

Volume : 700ml

Starting its long journey of maturation the same year Apollo 15 made its 384,000 km journey to the moon, these 657 bottles, ultimately released in 2011, reflect 40 years of quiet maturation in our island warehouses.

Aged in 17 refill casks carefully hand-selected by Max McFarlane, our longest standing Whisky Maker, for their exceptional character, this 1971 vintage reveals a languid bouquet of mango, cloves and chocolate-coated marzipan. Seasoned with pops of caramel and hints of high altitude black tea from Ceylon to produce a memorable rich plum finish.

Each whisky in the Orcadian Vintage Series is presented in an exquisite wooden box which features marquetry inspired by the intricate wood carvings at the Urnes Stave Church in Norway and the Highland Park amulet, hand-crafted in silver.


Golden amber


Cherry and almond cake | Juicy raisins | Hints of black tea | Soft caramel | Chocolate coated marzipan | Mango | Cloves | Aromatic peat smoke

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