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16 Year Old Wings of the Eagle

€90 RSP
Price includes UK VAT and duty

16 Year Old Wings of the Eagle

€90 RSP
Price includes UK VAT and duty

ABV : 44.5%

Volume : 700ml

Here, on Orkney, those earthly winds sweep across our island home too, reaching speeds of over 100 miles per hour in winter. No trees survive such onslaught so our moorland peat is woodless, but rich in fragrant heather, producing the characteristic aromatic smokiness of our whisky.

16 YEAR OLD WINGS OF THE EAGLE celebrates our wild island climate. Its spicy and elegant character reveals a sophisticated combination of flavours, layered as intricately as the feathers of an eagle’s wing.

"There is much to be told. An eagle sits at the top of the ash, and it has the knowledge of many things."

Gylfaginning, The Prose Edda, Chapter 16


Glowing amber (average colour tint 15.5)


Sweet figs and apricots | Warm nutmeg | Chocolate coated marzipan | Aromatic peat smoke



  • Drinks International Travel Retail Awards 2018 | Travel Retail Exclusive of the Year | Gold Medal