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10 Year Old Viking Scars

£30 RSP
Price includes UK VAT and duty

10 Year Old Viking Scars

£30 RSP
Price includes UK VAT and duty

ABV : 43%

Volume : 50ml, 350ml, 750ml

Centuries ago, long before Orkney became part of Scotland, it belonged to a vast Viking Kingdom. Magnus Eunson, who founded Highland Park in 1798, was a direct descendant of those early Viking pioneers who settled in our island home, becoming part of Orkney and part of us, and leaving their mark on our landscape, our culture and our people. Does that shape the character of our whisky? Without a shadow of a doubt.

"My great ancestors are not gone, you can find them in my flesh, blood and soul."

Old Viking Saying


Light and golden, Avg. colour tint 10.8


Citrus fruits | Vanilla | Peppery spices | Heather peat | Light smoke



  • International Spirits Challenge | 2018 | Silver Medal 
  • World Whisky Awards | 2018 | Winner 
  • Scotch Whisky Masters Awards | 2017 | Silver
  • International Spirits Challenge | 2017 | Silver
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition | 2016 | Silver Outstanding 
  • International Spirits Challenge | 2016 | Silver