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What does Highland Park mean to you?



To celebrate Whisky Month, we asked our fans across the world to tell us what Highland Park means to them. We loved the responses…




“I got my first job, I bought a HP12. My career rising, I get HP18, HP25, HP30. This is my Viking Soul.”

Szabolcs, Hungary, Whisky Kartell Pesthidegkut


Quote 2


“First distillery I visited, so holds many memories.”

Gareth, United Kingdom


Quote 3


“My first distillery and the strongest scent memory I have! The beautiful smells there.”

Victoria, United States


Quote 4


“Intensity and boldness. The best combination for a memorable scotch.”

 Jesse, New Hampshire, United States


Quote 5


“Every glass is like a short vacation in the Orkneys.”

Christian, Germany


Quote 6


“High quality product and bucket list destination.”

Chuck, United States


Quote 7


“Share great whisky together with great friends telling great stories”



Quote 8


“Moment of peace and harmony.”

Jesse, Finland


Quote 9


“I had Highland Park 18 Year Old on the day my son was born, so means a lot me.”

Nicholas, California, United States


Quote 10


“Home. The aroma brings peace and familiarity, and the taste is instantly grounding.”

Matt, United States


Quote 11


“A balance of gentle smoke, sherry and heather.”

Serhii, Poland


To find out what Highland Park means to our Master Whisky Maker, Gordon Motion, visit our YouTube channel.



May 06, 2021