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Twisted Inspiration

Twisted Inspiration - Highland Park Whisky


According to Norse legend, the Midgard Serpent – the middle of three malevolent offspring of Loki and the giantess Angrboda – was banished by Odin and flung into the ocean. Here, the Serpent grew to such an immense size that it could twist around the whole of the Earth to bite its own tail. The Midgard Serpent’s fearsome grip was only released at the start of Ragnarök, the battle between gods and giants that signaled the end of the world.

The tale (and the tail) of the Midgard Serpent – also known as the World Serpent – is the inspiration for the design on our TWISTED TATTOO 16 Year Old carton and bottle, created by renowned tattoo artist, Colin Dale. Colin is not only an exceptionally talented craftsman but something of an expert on Norse tattooing history, making him a true modern day Viking Soul and our perfect partner for this latest special edition of Highland Park.

The tattooing technique that Colin used to create our packaging design is referred to as ‘hand poking’ or ‘dot work’ – literally building up a design dot by dot to create a tattoo of incredible intricacy. Unlike most modern tattooing, hand poking – as its name suggests – is non-electric and relies on freestyle application with needle and ink – and a very steady hand.

The design of the carton and bottle are restricted to two distinctive colours – red and black. The bold black carton with its red tattoo design opens to reveal a striking red interior, while the black glass bottle opens to reveal a single malt whisky with a distinctive rose-coloured hue.

Find out more about Colin’s work on our YouTube channel.



April 04, 2019