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Group of people on a boat raising a glass

“What do you love most about your home city?” That’s the questions we’ve been putting to our brand ambassadors across the world. We’ve asked them to reveal the best places to visit, share any traditional or local food delicacies and, of course, to tell us how best to enjoy Highland Park in their city! We’ll be running our ‘home stories’ over the next three months – perhaps they’ll inspire your next adventure…


Our first story comes from Weilun Huang who’s based in Kaohsiung in Taiwan and has been a Highland Park Brand Ambassador for eight years. Kaohsiung was founded as a small trading village in the 17th century but today it is the political and economic centre of southern Taiwan with a population of 2.77 million. Kaohsiung’s geography ranges from an urban coastal city centre to the rural Yushan Range. Once travel restrictions are lifted, Weilun is really looking forward to enjoying Highland Park with whisky lovers from different regions of Taiwan.

Group of people sitting on a boat holding glasses


Cycling and sunsets

“There is a very beautiful cycle route in Kaohsiung city. It’s around 24.5 km from Lianchi Lake to Love River and I’ve enjoyed cycling this during lockdown - I’ve been jogging as well. Close to my home, the best place to see a sunrise is at Chengcing Lake and I love watching the sunset over Kaohsiung Port.”


Local food

"I really enjoy spending time on the beach with my family – even just for an hour – and I’d definitely recommend that visitors to the city go on a food journey while they’re here. There are so many delicious traditional foods to try and mullet roe is one of my favourites. There are a variety of ways to cook it and 12 Year Old Viking Honour or 18 Year Old Viking Pride both make really good accompaniments.


"We recently held a ‘Discovering Viking Soul in Kaohsiung City’ event for the launch of the Highland Park Single Cask Series and we invited influencers and Highland Park fans to join us for the tour. We started our journey of discovery by visiting a mullet roe factory, followed by a yacht tour and then a trip to a cask factory. Here, we learned about the way that maturing whisky interacts with the wood of the casks. Everyone enjoyed a local street delicacy – smoked duck – for lunch, paired with 12 Year Old Viking Honour.”

Bottle of Highland Park Kaohsiung Single Cask held up in front of a sign


How to enjoy Highland Park

“At this time of year it’s very hot and humid in Taiwan – during August, September and October the temperature will usually be over 32°C – so the best way to enjoy Highland Park just now is definitely ‘on the rocks’!”


The Taiwan Team have created two short films featuring modern-day Viking Souls taking part in kayaking and fishing activities around the north east coast of Taiwan, before rounding off the day with friends and a dram of Highland Park at Longdong Bay. Check out the films below.





August 06, 2020