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The Creativity of a Modern-Day Viking

Highland Park Whisky Valfather Symbol


VALFATHER completes our Viking Legend series – an exciting and highly collectible trilogy that celebrates our rich Viking heritage through one of the best-known stories from Norse mythology.

Throughout the series, we’ve worked with Danish designer, Jim Lyngvild, to bring the story vividly to life. Of Nordic descent, Jim can trace his bloodline back through thirty-six generations to the 8th century and to Ragnvald Eysteinsson, the first Earl of the Orkney Islands. Often described as ‘the golden Viking’, such is the importance Jim places on his heritage that he lives as a Viking for two months of the year, in a castle he designed himself in the Danish village of Faaborg.

A writer and designer of international renown, Jim is happiest collaborating with people from different disciplines and working on projects that offer a rich and varied history. He’s most inspired when there’s a story attached to the project that allows him to combine ancient knowledge with modern know-how, as exemplified in his powerful illustrative work for VALKYRIEVALKNUT and now, VALFATHER.

Norse legend tells us that Odin took on many guises to impose power and gain knowledge and as ‘Valfather’ or ‘the father of the slain’ he presided over Valhalla. Here, the bravest of the fallen Viking warriors – those marked out by the symbol of the Valknut and spirited away by the Valkyries – joined forces under Odin’s command to prepare for Ragnarök, the battle at the end of the world. Jim’s inspiration for his design for VALFATHER comes from an ancient Nordic source, the first of the four Stora Hammars stones in Gotland, Sweden.


August 19, 2019