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More Cheese Please


We’ve teamed up with Duncan McLean, proprietor of Kirkwall food and wine specialists, Kirkness & Gorie, to create a fantastic two-hour Whisky and Cheese Tasting Tour at the Distillery. You can book a tour at 10am, 12noon, 2pm and 4pm on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th May – and there’s a 7pm evening tour on the Friday and Saturday too. Email [email protected] or call the Albert Street store on 01856 885640 for a great day (or evening) out with family and friends.


Duncan and Sergio


Kirkness & Gorie stocks a mouthwatering array of cheese and deli foods and an incredible collection of the finest craft whiskies, wines and gins. Founded in 1859 by James Kirkness, the business was handed down to his daughter Mary and her husband, John Gorie, whose names are above the door to this day. Notwithstanding a minor skirmish with Customs and Excise back in 1875, when the old tradition of ‘free trade’ between Orkney and Scandinavia began to be viewed less favourably, the shop has grown from strength to strength. It stands proudly as one of Orkney’s most highly respected and best-loved local retailers with Duncan McLean at the helm today.

Cheese is a speciality, bordering on an obsession, for Kirkness & Gorie. The shop has a core range of about 30 cheeses always in stock and a further 70 appearing on a rotating basis, meaning you’ll find at least 60 cheeses in their fridge on any one day. That way, as it says on their website, ‘… everyone’s favourite, no matter how obscure, will make an appearance in our fridge every three or four weeks.’

Our Distillery Brand Ambassador, Sergio Paolo, whose love of food is the stuff of legend, was delighted to team up with Duncan to plan the Whisky and Cheese Tasting Tour at the Distillery and explains the pairings they settled upon…


12YO Cheese Pairing


12 Year Old Viking Honour & Parmigiano

A perfect marriage, trialled and tested in restaurants as either an appetiser or a way to round off a wonderful meal. The honey, orange zest and rich fruitiness of the whisky perfectly complement the salty notes of this world-renowned Italian hard cheese.


16YO and cheese


16 Year Old Wings of the Eagle & Brie de Meaux

We paired a delicate and quintessentially French Brie with our elegant 16 Year Old Wings of the Eagle. The whisky’s marzipan, nutmeg and fruit notes, together with a hint of smoke, are a beautiful foil for the earthy, buttery notes of this superb soft cheese.


Twisted Tattoo and cheese


Twisted Tattoo & Dorset Red

Matured in ex-bourbon and Rioja casks, Twisted Tattoo combines rich red wine notes with the gentle sweetness of vanilla, peaches and cream – absolutely delicious partnered with the mellow smokiness and creamy texture of this delightful English cheese.


18YO and cheese


18 Year Old Viking Pride & Westray Wife

We’ve paired one of our most highly awarded whiskies with a local Orkney cheese from Westray. A marriage made in heaven with the whisky’s wonderful notes of cherries, honey and dark chocolate melding beautifully with this delightfully subtle and nutty cheese.


21YO and cheese


21 Year Old August 2019 Release & Murcia al Vino

We tried this cheese with various expressions but 21 Year Old made the decision for us. Its complex yet refined notes of ginger, orange, pear and honey are fantastic with the fruity and wine-infused flavours of this splendid Spanish goat’s cheese - exactly what I would serve in an opulent eatery. (PS. The direct translation of Murcia al Vino is ‘Drunken Goat’!)

If you’re not going to be in Orkney, or didn’t manage to book a place on the tour, don’t worry. Follow Sergio and Duncan’s recommendations to create your own whisky and cheese tasting event at home – don’t forget to tag us on your social media channels to let us know how you got on, and which cheese and whisky pairings you chose.




April 21, 2021