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Highland Park Whisky Orkney

“I’ve spent a lot of time lately going back through old images. It’s probably something many of us have done over recent weeks, as the boundaries of our individual worlds have shrunk immeasurably.” - Fionn McArthur 


As the photographer behind the stunning images featured on, we have long been aware of the magic that Fionn McArthur creates with his camera. We had the pleasure of working with him too, when he captured footage at the distillery and made tasting videos with Martin Markvardsen, Senior Brand Ambassador, here in the Eunson Room.


Earlier this year, Fionn’s visual article, A Sense of Orkney, really inspired us. In it, he explains how lockdown gave him the opportunity to review his vast portfolio of photographs of these islands and curate a selection that triggered the strongest memories of being in the landscape he loves – the sights, the sounds, the smells. As Fionn says: “For me, it’s the nearest thing I can do to strapping on my walking boots and setting out with rucksack and camera.”


Through, Fionn’s images encourage people to discover our beautiful islands and we hope this small selection will encourage you to read his love letter to Orkney’s landscapes and wildlife. Enjoy a virtual tour… until we can travel freely once more and can walk in Fionn's footsteps.

Highland Park Whisky Orkney


Highland Park Whisky Orkney


October 08, 2020