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Last month, we asked our Highland Park fans to send us their burning questions – everything you’ve always wanted to know, but never been able to ask about whisky. And who better to provide the answers than our Master Whisky Maker, Gordon Motion. Here’s some of the interesting questions you put to us.


Brent: “Concerning your newer Cask Strength range, we’ve wondered if you’d considered versions with higher ppm of your wonderful heather peat? Not Islay levels of course, just richer than your common expressions.”

Gordon: “Not yet, but it is a potential for the future. For a few years we distilled with 100% peated malt (not Islay levels) so we have some of the whisky of age now to experiment with. Watch this space.”


Robert: “I plan to visit the distillery summer 2022 (I’m in the US). Is there something new on the horizon you can share with us?”

Gordon: “The second release of Cask Strength is coming later this year alongside another exciting new edition to the heart of our range. We look forward to welcoming you to our distillery soon.”


Lars: “I am a trained brewer and beverage technologist; how do I start my career in whisky?

Gordon: “Very good question. Your first job is not going to be your last job. My first job was working temporarily in a brewery, it was all about getting experience. You're well placed to get involved with whisky so keep your eyes out for any jobs and experience, it's the first step!”


Luke: “When it comes to selecting the ex-sherry casks HP uses, what are the most important things you are looking for?”

Gordon: “In order to get what we are looking for, we have the casks build specifically for us. We choose the timber, toasting and the wine to get the quality we want.”


J: “Have you considered using Mizunara (a species of oak tree native to Japan)?

Gordon: “It's very difficult to get a hold of. Should we get the chance, I'd love to give it a go.”


Scott: “What do you look for in your single cask selection process?”

Gordon: “With our single casks, I am on the lookout for unusual or excellent examples of particular casks in order to give more people the opportunity to see the variety.’


To find out more about Gordon and Highland Park, visit our YouTube channel and enjoy some short films.


May 06, 2021