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ABV : 48.1%

Volume : 700ml

The creation of outstanding whisky is part science and part art. How you creatively combine ingredients, contrast cask types, harmonise the new make spirit, all play a hand in the character and flavour of the whisky.

We hand turn our barley every 8 hours, for 6 days, to ensure it maintains the perfect amount of moisture (5%) so that it will best absorb the intense aromatic smoke from our Hobbister Moor peat we burn in our kilns.

Normally, our hand-turned maltings account for 20% of the malt used in Highland Park whisky. For Shiel, a special edition release from 2017, we used 100% in order to deliver the most powerful intensity of peat smoke possible. Bottled at 48.1% ABV, this is a celebration of our hand-turned floor maltings – one of our 5 keystones of production.


Light, clear and bright 


Lingering peat smoke | Freshly cut wood | Eucalyptus | Vanilla | Violets

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