The availability of older casks in our island warehouses decreases as their age increases, so we produce our higher aged whiskies in small batches. This gives Gordon Motion, our Master Whisky Maker, a challenge that he relishes as he has to hand select casks that will marry well together from a very limited resource.

To reflect their value and scarcity, and to echo the Nordic inspiration behind our core range of whiskies, we’ve beautifully repackaged our 25 YEAR OLD, 30 YEAR OLD and 40 YEAR OLD.

We’ve also included ‘batching information’ on the new packaging. This is the date that the whisky was bottled and is shown as SPRING 2019. These whiskies share the same underlying character as our previous 25, 30 and 40 Year Old releases however there will be slight variations in flavour due to the specific cask make up of each batch. We’ll adjust the tasting notes each time we release a new batch to reflect the influence of the casks used in its creation.

Andy Bowman and his team at Mountain Creative Design in Glasgow designed the new packaging and also created the packaging we introduced in 2017 for our core range. Their creative inspiration comes from ancient wood carvings at the Stave Church in Urnes, Norway which depict mythical creatures from the Norse legends.


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The Orkney Single Malt
with Viking Soul